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Amazing Adam and Inspirational Isla are going on holiday! They are going all over the world starting in South Africa, then Japan, then Canada and finally back to England! Pack your suitcase to join them!

Players work together to pack the suitcases with four items of clothing: a top, a bottom, shoes and accessories. Only one outfit will fit in each suitcase so players must watch each other carefully in order to remember what clothing items have already been packed. No peaking inside the suitcases! The game is finished when all four clothing items are in each correct suitcase.

Players will demonstrate the ability to remember and retrieve up to four pieces of information from their working memory. This is a non-competitive game so there is no defined winner. This game also offers an excellent extended learning opportunity to explore these countries as well!

This product is for a digital download. NO PHYSICAL GAME WILL BE SHIPPED.

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