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Celebrating Neurodiversity

Celebrate Neurodiversity with this easy and fun craftivity! This activity aims to promote understanding, acceptance and appreciation of neurodiversity among students and within our school communities.

Seamlessly add this craftivity to your SEL curriculum and get students talking and celebrating about what makes their brains unique! A full lesson plan is included as well as a title banner and bunting to create a wonderful bulletin board display.

Celebrating Neurodiversity Craft Activity:

The "Celebrating Neurodiversity" craft activity provides an opportunity for students to explore and celebrate the diverse ways in which our brains work. Through this activity, students will create unique personal portraits that represent the strengths, talents, and individual characteristics that each individual brings to our community.

What's Included?
- lesson plan
- Celebrating Neurodiversity craft/activity (including a one page/no cutting version for an inclusive classroom)
- "Celebrating Neurodiversity" banner
- matching bunting to hang on your display

This product is for a digital download.

Together, let us celebrate the uniqueness of each person's brain and embrace the diversity that enriches our school community!

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